09 02 2015

# Ready to start the business cases and the business game

Monday, February 9 starting at the residence Castelbarcos the students courses for the first year of business schools: the business case.

The formation of university students can be integrated with the transmission of the methodologies of the various professional contexts. The Business Case propose to develop and consolidate the knowledge learned in university courses through the methodology of cases showing the expertise characteristic of the different professions. The students, joined by speakers of deep experience in the field of expertise, can improve their ability to work and personal and group oriented toward professional choice in a more conscious way.

Students in the second and third year can try their hand in the Global Business Game. Thanks to the support of consultants of PwC, will be called to run a business. The game is based on a simulation software, is divided into several rounds. Each round represents a quarter of its life. Business decisions are mainly three areas: marketing (and logistics), production and finance.