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Students Orientation and University Tutoring

A senior student is available to freshman students and shares their own university experiences; we believe this is what tutoring is.

Some of the challenges first-year students face are: changing study methods, developing unique relationships with professors and learning to rely on themselves to manage effective studying. With the advice from their tutors, students can successfully overcome these challenges.

More than just helping with assignments or reviewing academic material, a tutor’s job is to help students find effective study methods in a university setting, which is usually completely different than the high-school one.



There are many changes, present and future, young people face in their lives, including: going to university, creating a career path, starting their own family, and managing relationships with friends. All of these changes require commitment, time and different levels of involvement.

The coach works alongside the student to help him succeed until he learns to manage changes autonomously. This is accomplished by utilizing a coaching process that will accompany the student throughout his entire life and will help him make the most of himself and lead his own life plan.

Thanks to the coaching in Castelbarco you can follow a complete training course and have a unique awareness of yourself and your improvement.


Soft Skills Development

Being successful in the professional world requires more than being professionally trained and having technical skills. You must also possess the right skills to address and manage complex situations that arise in everyday personal and professional life.

In conjunction with soft skills development, JUMP project uses case studies, team work and guided discussions to help students improve the skills needed for building relationships, effective communicating and leadership.

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Testimonials From the Professional World

Living in the Residence helps college students look toward their own professional and personal futures with open eyes and awareness.

During the university years, it is important to build a strong professional network and expand one’s own personal culture. At Castelbarco students attend frequent meetings with high-profile professionals who discuss their personal and professional experiences in an informal atmosphere of exchange and enrichment.

Every year, the Castelbarco living room is a place where leading players from the worlds of finance, politics, business, politics and literature come together.

Community and International Environment

“International” isn’t only in Fondazione RUI’s name, it is in its DNA!

Not only does Castelbarco host many students from different countries every year, promoting a mutual understanding and a happy coexistence between cultures, customs and languages, but it also promotes activities and international mobility and opportunities for training abroad.

As a member of EUCA (European University College Association), an international network of more than 150 university residences and 50,000 students, Castelbarco promotes the participation of its students in the many organized movements, such as: seminars, summer school and visits to large multinational headquarters.

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